Heat Press Pillows Teflon

Heat Press Pillows Teflon

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If you use a heat press or iron with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on fabric items such as clothing, hats, bags...you will find these pressing pillows so handy!

Without them, the thick seams of a shirt or baby jumpsuit, pockets, zippers (etc) may hinder proper adhesion of the vinyl due to pressure being uneven across the surface. These pillows, when inserted into the item, make the pressure even throughout the entire heat press area--which allows for a better quality and longer lasting product.

We offer these in a few sizes:

3x5 Hat Press
6x6 infant/toddler
10x10 kid/teen
15x15 adult
5x16 sleeves/pant legs

Each pillow is made with high quality foam interior securely covered with a sewn-on heat resistant teflon fabric exterior. They are flexible.

These are MADE TO ORDER so will ship separately from the rest of your order. They are ready to ship approximately 3-5 business days after payment.