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Our Story

You're probably on this page trying to learn more about some large corporation, shipping vinyl worldwide from an football-sized warehouse (our apologies in advance if this disappoints you). We could write a novel and make up stories about who we are on here that you may or may not believe.

However, the honest truth is that the history of our small, family owned Vinyl Supply Shop is currently being made with you! And we hope that one day we'll have the honor to serve you by providing you with vinyl that you may use to make family heirlooms, creative gifts, and more--while helping you provide for your family. That will help write history worth reading!

In the selecting us to be your vinyl supplier, you are providing us the opportunity to provide for our family of 8, with an honest day's work as we care for our traumatic brain injured family member. Life threw us for a loop with a TBI event...but we are Overcomers, thanks in part to our wonderful customers like YOU!   

Our responsibility to our customers is foremost and we truly appreciate each and every sale. You are not buying someone a fancy home or paying for their vacation...but rather helping a family remain self-sufficient and a productive part of society, while dealing with their family member's medical issues daily.

For more information on Traumatic Brain Injuries, please visit

If you or someone you love are dealing with a TBI, you are not alone! Please seek out a support group, such as those on Facebook. There is help available for both the survivor, their family and their caretaker. If you need help locating an online group, please use our contact form and we will be happy to link you to several good ones. #tbiawareness #tbidoesntdiscriminate #tbisurvivor



If you are looking for a vinyl supplier that will:
  • treat you with respect by not taking your business for granted,
  • offer quality products at low pricing (so your profit goes up, up, up!),
  • package your order with care and ship in a timely manner,
  • and provide excellent customer service...

Then you have come to the right place.

Unlike many online vinyl websites, we do not use dropshippers! We process each order ourselves and ship from our own facility. Why? Because we want to ensure that the items we ship to you are of the highest quality, are securely packaged, and are shipped within our 24 business hours window. Simply put, we cannot make legitimate claims about the availability of our products or respond to inquiries about processing time, packaging, shipping, etc if we do not personally fill your orders with our own hands. We also like to add a personalized note to each order and depending on availability....a sweet candy treat for you to enjoy!

We exist to help you grow YOUR business! We seek to keep prices low, while offering the premier products you need. We may be little, but we are mighty!

Our vinyl is stored in a non-smoking, climate-controlled facility. Did you know that major vinyl manufacturers suggest storing vinyl between 50% and 60% and temperature between 64°F and 72°F? That is to promote optimal life as well as prevent mottling (distortion of the vinyl).

Our vinyl all ships FLAT. Why? It would be so much easier to ship small orders in a first class tube. Simply answered...rolled vinyl can be hard to feed into a machine. It snags and catches as it rolls back into shape, while the machine is attempting to pull it into place for a cut. It also can affect the cut settings! As when vinyl is not tightly flat, it can cause areas that are uncut (or not cut deeply enough) so when you try to weed, your design is ruined. Talk about frustrating! We hate wasting vinyl and are sure that you feel the same way. Let us help you save time and money!

We appreciate your patronage and thank you for your business!

{Vinyl Supply Shop is a WOMAN-OWNED family business, supporting our TBI Survivor & Warrior}