Vinyl Scrap Packs

Do you want to get a variety of colors of adhesive 651 or 631 vinyl on the cheap? Try one of our scrap packs!

These packs are full of sticky vinyl that didn't quite meet our high standards for being sold by-the-sheet, but still are useful.

They may be cut crooked, have some tape from being the end of the roll, have some scratches, or other minor imperfections, but you will get a good assortment that will allow you to make a TON of cute stuff.

Unlike some scrap packs, these are mostly half sheets to third sheets. We don't send out a box full of 1-2 inch strips that are pretty much useless.

These packs will vary in colors and may include (depending on the option selected) 651 and adhesive specialty vinyl or 631 and adhesive specialty vinyl.

Chances are you may receive some duplicate colors, especially if you order more than one pack. If you are lucky, you'll get some of our famous rose gold!

Sorry, we can't guarantee colors as these are pre-packed when we cut and label our 12x12 sheets.

These are adhesive HTV