Cross Black White Stripe Cut File

Cross Black White Stripe Cut File

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Another of my versions of the ever-so-trendy and popular black white striped decal fad! This cross would look incredible on a car window, t-shirt, wall canvas, etc.

Don't care for black, white, pink or gold? You can use this cut file with any color vinyl that you would prefer! It would look great with red, white and blue...bright colors, school colors, etc.

It does have layering, so please be sure you are comfortable with that aspect of the design.


Our original design digital cut files are compatible with most craft and hobby cutters.

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It is your responsibility to know both your software and machine, as well as which formats work best with them, and to research different techniques (ungrouping, regrouping, advanced cut etc). Our designs have been used by Etsy customers with many different cutting machines but unfortunately we cannot give detailed tech support. Please visit our Etsy shop to view feedback on our designs

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